The sizes are in pixels, not Apple's points. For more thoughts see my rant below the picture.
For years I've kept Engineering lookup data as Desktops, so if you're into other things don't limit it to iOS.

I'm updating it for the iOS7 icons,then i'll release the full size downloadable in a vector format.
In the meantime you may also try looking at James Dempseys iOS device summary.

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about Points and Facepalms...

Such a cockameiny idea I never heard!
Points has a definite specific meaning and context in the in the graphics industry, especially among the illustrators who have to prepare the artwork.

A better nomenclature would have been "Plots", being a shortened version of 'Pixel Lots'. It doesn't have confusing dual meaning for Art Directors like 'Points' would
That's 'Lots' as in 'allotments' in the town planning sense. A Lot can be populated with one tenement - or unit or house, or for higher population densities 4 such ( here's looking at you, @2x ) .

Also in the computing sense early programming languages had one lighting up a pixel on the screen with the PLOT command.
Want more computing historical relevance? either name fits into 8 character or 4 character blocks. what could be more appropriate?

Join the revolt! Get them to rename it properly.