Dilute It!

After the app launches tap the blue container and a decimal keypad appears.
The field represents how much you want to end up with. In our case 15 litres.
To the right you'll enter the Ratio from the product instruction. Lets say 75 is to 1.

Tap = and you have the 200ml dosage amount displayed in the the tipped bottle.


Now say for different purpose we need a more dilute mix.
We dont want the mix to go "off" unused on the shelf, so we calculate a remix value
( the twin drums icon ) for 1:100. We add 5 litres of water and we're done!

Some products don't express it as a ratio, but as an amount within a bucket size.
Lets say they want you to put 500ml of dogwash in a 4 litre bucket of water,
but you only want 1 litre because the puppy is so tiny.
Enter the numbers as shown above. The result given is 8.

Tap Clear and fill out for the amount you wanted ( 1 litre ) and put the 8 in the ratio field.

Tap = and your desired amount will appear.
Congratulations. You've just saved more than the cost of the app.

This is a trivial examples. Often circumstances are more urgent where your mental state is frazzled.

  x : 1
Most product instructions set out a 1 part concentrate amount with an x parts fluid amount.
You bring them together for a total mixture. The calculation on the right tells you need
8 litres of water to 1.6 litres concentrate, which requires at least a 9.6 litre container.

When you want to limit yourself to a container size, the next 1- setting works nicely.
You'll find the control to switch back and forth to the right of the Ratio Field

Some instructions are given differently for concentrate that you put within that Total.
Usually this makes little difference. But not at small container sizes and higher ratios.

In the left example above, It shows only 1.33 litres needed against 1.6 litres put in otherwise.
You would have wasted 16%, or endangered critical margins.

Dismiss the keypad with the button under the ' = ' to reveal further controls.

Got a product with an overseas instruction?   Or do you live in the U.S.A.?
No worries, you can switch between different types of measures on the fly!


In the example above we have worked out a mix for 6 UK quarts at a mix ratio of 50:1
To convert to the metric equivalent of 6 quarts tap the button with an (m) in an eye.
The Metric value now shows up as 68.2 litres ready to calculate further.

You also have the flexibity to work in smaller Imperial units
such as pints and quarts without confusion. ( Blue and grey discs at lower right )


Tap the info button on the screen at top right for a help summary.


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