BP_TelBoxQthmb.jpg   Centre of what is now Baroon Pocket Dam

BP_135thmb.jpg   Baroon Pocket before dam inundation
BP_6thmb.jpg   Bottom of Mill Hill Road, now inundated


As a resident of the Blackall Range in its
unspoiled glory of the 1980's & 1990's, I'm
happy to present these rare images to you

N_036thmb.jpg   Obi Creek crossing near western end of Mill Hill road
Taken from a database of a thousand photos
they will eventually be available for sale
as high resolution prints
N_004thmb.jpg   Footbridge across Obi Creek, visible in photo above
N_017thmb.jpg   "The Narrows" with the dam conduit ready
N_003thmb.jpg   Mill Hill Rd. crossing Obi Creek, another view
DS_296thmb.jpg   View from Eagles Nest to Brandenburg Road
BR_081thmb.jpg   Reeseville at sunrise
DCP_9989thmb.jpg   Booroobin / Wootha area
BR_188thmb.jpg   Dixon Avenue Maleny
BR_071thmb.jpg   Alice Dixon Drive, Flaxton
MN_001-2thmb.jpg   Ensbey Farm, south of Mapleton
MV_1019Lthmb.jpg   Balmoral road stretch south of Montville
  sadly no longer visible today


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