See the orange stretch below Toogoolawah?
That 6km distance would need a song lasting 4 min 20 seconds. Ideally three choices at any one place would be best, so there is still work to do.

I've broken it into these localities.
There's more but that's enough for now.

Yes, we'll get to other roads and the Rail Trail.
First Songs at the entrances and leaving points

Now for each individual area

2 so far

1 so far

1 so far

OK, what do I need to do to be a part of it?

Write some original material.
Either words or music, or better still both. We'll find a good counterpart to provide the other side.

At some point when we get enough contributors to set up a recording location, we can find vocalists who have put their names down. If you're an audio engineer with some gear or a good space please, let us know

While the copyright credit goes to you, ( and you can withdraw at any time ), it will be agreed that we promote you and your effort for your CV while we pay no royalty.

There will be no downloading of these songs, and they can only be listened to in the area they refer to.

Are there any requirements??

3 things:

  • The work must be original
  • Don't belittle anyone
  • Make it pleasant to listen to, don't fill it with angst.

    That's pretty well it. You can withdraw it any time for any reason without the need to explain why.

    Remember we're not really after sickly sweet touristy songs. We want work that means something to people. If you can capture an elusive sentiment for yourself, there's a good likelyhood you'll have done it on behalf of someone else too, and that adds to a good healing experience that the Brisbane Valley Drive is trying to be.

    The project is open to all but it's not leaderless. U8nC reserve the right to decide what to include or exclude, but every effort will be made on our part to "dial in" to what you're on about.

    Submit your work to