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The group of mountains above Esk is actually called Glen Esk.

I liked the idea of a cycle of words that link to the next, and then back to the beginning. And I wanted to explore something everpresent on our horizons. What would be my response if I was born and raised in the Township of Esk? I’ve learned that only an Eskie can really speak for the rest of them, so a local in the form of Lloyd King pointed out when the sun is at the right angle after a thunderstorm, the quartz outcrops sparkle like diamonds. Another song in this collection is about what greets you as being home, even though you’re still miles away. For an Eskie it’s the unmistakeable profile of Glen Esk on the horizon as you approach it from Coominya.

Mt Brisbane is the mountain that rises to the East of Toogoolawah and while it’s always visible from that township, it’s not the essence. Esk has a visual dominance and many of the things from Pictur-Esk has a visual arts and crafts flavour. Toogoolawah on the other hand is dominated by sound. The rush of air of skydivers in freefall and their chutes opening, the aircraft that ferry them up, the hubbub of the cattle sales and rodeos, and even became the location for the valley’s radio station.

Many locals still think of the sound of the sawmill and logs dropping off the bench as well as a working world war two fire siren tested every monday evenings before their meetings. I have recordings of these which will find their way into songs somehow.

Each township in the valley is special in its own way. What is it about Harlin? about Lowood? Keep checking back as I unlock the same experiences and memories for visitors as for those who live here.


Glen Esk
Music & Lyrics ©2010 Michael Anthony

How do we know what time means 
sun and moon shine on earth and stone 
I know
a mountain like ours 
never ages
How do we know what age means ? 
Earth and Stone face wind and rain 
I know  
A mountain like ours 
will outlive us

when the storm 
clouds all clear
sunlit quartz  
diamonds appear
How do we know what life means? 
Rain blown away reveals sun and moon 
I know 
that mountain of ours 
stands timeless

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