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One tongue-in-cheek example of how we can promote a local business without sounding too commercial about it

The trick is how to get across that it is Toogoolawah without using the name. I face that same task with Santa's A Skydiver. There will certainly other ways of doing this.

Listen in..

Music & Lyrics ©2021 Michael Anthony

Lets talk about food
Health food in Fact
'cause it keeps you good
and good makes us happy

Well there's a corner somewhere
Toogoolawhere in fact
they make health food
its good it makes us happy

chocolate and sugar
and butter in fact
so it must be healthy
'cause it makes us happy

yeah that's what we're talkin' about
yeah order a double
that's what it's all about
good food makin' us happy
happy all the time
now isn't that healthy?

we're talkin' about food
Health food in Fact
'cause it keeps us good
and good makes you happy

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