This song promotes the efforts of many to save a unique tower in a nearby state forest. Not as a protest, but something eloquent and creative.

Can you spot what's what in the lyrics below? It's a very easy one, you should see it within a minute or so, the last thee verses really spell it out.   I'll tell you at the bottom of the page

Listen in..


Still in sketch form

©2008 Michael Anthony

Jump into my new address,
For i'll reveal everything
Then outside wide empires roam,
Just invite my neighbours again

Friends i relish everywhere,
Then over wide expanses rise
Join in mighty new accord,
For Inner romance embrace

This of world elevation rises,
Journey into many new art
Failure i'll regret evermore,
To one who ever remembers

  ngai yariting alpamarran
  duungang nindiwarran bamunga
Jade icon magnetic new air,
Just inside my Narnian abode
Journey into mans needed arbour,
Jungle in moonlit night acres

Freedom inbibes rooftop ether,
Fabled Island recreate elegance
For inner romance entrance,
Friends i recall evermore

  ngaalkulan bagaa llin 
  djirulan piriwin majinu

Tell our waypoints each report,
Then over wide expanses rise
Take on worldly estate reassure,
To our wonder ever reveal

Whats the launguage at the middle breaks?
Murri. Modern Murri to be exact.
At first i wanted to do an ancient type of vocal background, like Enya does in latin, but not copying too closely. So i looked around for a local context and came across some great work by William Wilkie. By all means you are most welcome to visit and download his work.

The phrases are not properly constructed, but are loosely assembled signalling for help and expressing remorse at the thought that one day it could be gone. There are recent developments that look hopeful, so instead of the Murri expressing a lament, those lyrics second time round developed to express satisfaction and guarded hope at having survived danger.
And that's great, it's good to have constructed the work so it can still stand with a positive end.

At the start you heard a glockenspiel, morphing into another instrument, a music box.
The glock sound is a very high delicate metallic sound, and the music box has a bell-like quality to it. This crossfading effect will be used a lot in this song, even with singer's voices fading into one another.
As it conveys a whole community giving voice, I hope to have many vocalists in this one. Much like the Christmas Band-Aid song where one person sings one or two lines and hands over.

Now to tell you about the odd lyrics. Its called serialism, where mathematics or something determines your next move. In this case its the first letter of each word. Now go back and see what you can see.


Just a few other places where the message is 'hard coded' into the music:

The Hi-Hats tapping out something in red grey patterns that spell a message.

The bass thumpping out another short long pattern.
Short short short. long long long. short short short.

The whole drum grid tapping it out another way.
Each line is a different percussion instrument.

The keyboard grid saying something in piano roll display.
That's the middle bit where it sounds 'strange'.


The right to differ with any part of the content of this website
is extended to People or Organizations listed here
The Jimna Fire Tower Action Group
William Wilkie, author and compiler of Modern Murri
And he's a composer / musician too  

If you or your organisation wish to appear here, email me with the details.

Download a small part as a gentle wake-up alarm

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