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Santa as only Toogoolawah can put on

I dont know how many other towns are able to do this . . .
But I'm wanting to chime with the child within, residents and past rezies alike
written from the childs point of memory view as experienced memories weren't really all that sophisticated in their arrangement

some lyrics still a bit naff, needs going over to make less literal

Listen in..

Santa Here
Music & Lyrics ©2021 Michael Anthony

There's a time I remember 
when Santa really did 
drop out of the sky

Sirens wailed and He 
arrived in an ambulance
his reindeer police escort

There were fireworks later
but the main thing I recall
was all the people
and girls squealing

Those were special days
and from what I understand
They carry on still
and we go back with our kids

Ho Ho Hey - Hey Ho Ho
Hey Hey Ho - Hey Ho Ho

Now I know skydivers do it
but I'm ignoring that
and see it from the view
I had as a child

A time to remember 
when Santa really does 
drop out of the sky

Ho Ho Hey - Hey Ho Ho
Hey Hey Ho - Hey Ho Ho


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