Before we get started, we're becoming aware of the frustration
that new users encounter in navigating their way through installation

Despite all the "official" books, web tuts and e-zine articles written
There is still, in 2016, no clear accurate instruction list in the english
language to bring a pi to life from unboxing to working.

To this end, before Jan 2017 I will post downloadable Images on this site
that overcomes the ridiculous situation where one needs another platform to
prepare and load the image (!!)

This is not meant to be a criticism of the folks at Pi Towers, its just a matter
of fact to which we'll do our part for community benefit, instead of complaining.

I'm concerned at the "ready-made" things now being given sanction by The Foundation
and also aware that the ethos surrounding the Pi is keeping the "view under the hood"
and in that spirit of not doing too much, we'll bring together proper material
currently scattered worldwide which takes a young child, step by step, through the
learning process that rewards the enquiring mind.

Keep watching this site, and pass the link around your network and let's do it properly.

This page was to document my journey in getting a bare metal forth on the Raspberry Pi,
but a few people have done it already. I'll post up the links instead.

Contrary to what the industry likes to tell you, Forth is by no means dead.
"Forth on the Raspberry Pi" as a search term takes 93% of the traffic on this site. Wow.
like the Mellotron, things of value wont go away.

Onward Ho!
All links have been chacked as of October 2016
Pforth ( the P is for Portable )

Roland aviatorRHK is well into it at the Pi Forum.

The Beez is well worth a look.
He tells me you can interface 4tH GPIO with the CommandLine GPIO interface, tho not 'purist-cool'.

RaspberryAlphaOmega Awesome! - Sean Pringle, an old acquaintance, has been prolific. But the link is now brokrn

FIGnition. Apparently from before the R.Pi.

The following links were inexplicably 404'ing, so paste them over, but are still working in 2016
Forth Tutorials Kwiki

Jax Forth Page

OLPC Mitch Bradley Tutorials

Simple Forth by Leo Wong

Programming Forth, a 208 page PDF

ColorForth for Mac OSX

If you came in through a Google search, try another search engine such as DuckDuckGo

And Finally search on the iTunes App Store for Dmitry Kovba
He emailed me to say a Forth is forthcoming for iOS.

feel free to browse the rest of this website.
Non-forth & Non-Pi. click the nC graphic above.


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